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Transformers Wreckage – modo alterno (Movie Deluxe)

Nombre: Wreckage
Afiliación: Decepticon
Línea: Movie
Tamaño: Deluxe
Año: 2007
Número de adquisición: 91

Wreckage es la mejor figura de la serie de figuras del juego junto con Dropkick.

La forma de la cabeza y cara me recuerdan a Megatron G1 y a Dinobot Beast Wars.

The Colorful “V”

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The V sign is a hand gesture in which the first and second fingers are raised and parted, whilst the remaining fingers are clenched. During World War II, Winston Churchill popularised its use as a "Victory" sign (for V as in victory) initially with palm inwards and later in the war palm outwards.

* The letter V originally comes from the Semitic letter “Waw”

* In Latin, the letter V stood for the “ooh” sound like in the word ‘moon’

* There are over 145 baby names in the world that begin with the letter ‘V’.

* The Greeks borrowed the letter V from the letter Y and simply removed the stick at the bottom.

* The letter V is one of the few letters that actually has several movies named after it such as “V” (Roman numeral for the number 5) and “V For Vendetta.”

* In Roman numerals, the letter V is used to represent the number 5. It was used because it resembled the convention of counting by notches carved in wood, with every fifth notch double-cut to form a "V".

Source: Wikipedia

Popular words starting with "V"

Vinoth ( My Name..hehehe)

Some unusual words starting with the letter "V"

vacillate- fluctuate in opinion or resolution
vadimony – bond or pledge given before a judge
vafrous – cunning; sly
vagient – crying like a baby
vainglory – idle boastfulness
veduta – panoramic view of a town
vegetivorous – eating vegetables
vendange – grape harvest
venditation – offering for sale
venerous – lustful
veracious – truthful; exact
verecund – modest; shy
vexillology – study of flags
vicereine – wife of a viceroy
videtur – it seems
virason – sea breeze
volacious – apt or fit to fly
volta – old leaping dance
vulpicide – killing of a fox

More unusual words can be found at

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