Deviled Pictures – The Rise of a Film Production Company

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by vancouverfilmschool

Recently Eric Shepard has opened a new motion picture production company, under the name of Deviled Pictures. The company was opened early in 2009.

So far the company has produced several short films, along with a television series.

In June of 2008, Deviled Pictures had released it’s first ever film. The eight minute documentary was released under the title of “New Reigns” (directed and produced by Eric Shepard). The film explores the world of rodeo and all of the struggles modern day cowboys face in order to perserve their western lifestyle in a constantly developing society. So far the film has grown greatly in popularity since it’s release.

Deviled Pictures later produced a television series, called “In Your Kitchen” (created and directed by Eric Shepard). The show was a thirty-minute cooking program. It’s goal was to try and take the comedy element of a sitcom and bring it to what would normally be a rather unappealing cooking program. This ambition of comedy proved to be successful. Soon after the premire of the pilot episode, the show received multiple positive reveiws, and people soon demanded more and more episodes. So far five episodes have been made, completing the first season of the show. “In Your Kitchen” airs thursday nights at six o’clock, on Consolidated network.

Coming soon from Deviled Pictures is a short film, titled “The Dictator Awards” (written and directed by Eric Shepard). Further information on the project will be announced shortly.

Deviled Pictures is expected to announce their first feature-length film sometime within the next year.

Note: Further information will be added on a following date.

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