Film, for now (Minolta XG-M with Tokina SZ-X 80-200mm)

Thanks for all the advice you gave me a week ago about what camera to get next. My digital has indeed met its maker… I’ve decided to not buy anything now and spend the bucks on film. Between Diana, Viv, and Fishie, there’s plenty of potential.

THIS particular image is COMPLETELY UNIQUE amongst my photostream! I have never posted an image like this–can you guess how it’s different?

This is the first image I’ve posted coming from a telephoto lens. I fixed the old Minolta 35mm SLR we had, and it happens to have a 200mm lens. This is an image of the wind chimes on our back porch intermingling with the "bird of paradise" plant during sunset. We have 75 wind chimes on the porch and they make a glorious sound all day.

(Minolta XG-M with Tokina SZ-X 80-200mm)

V339 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BCRA- Prod. Co.


Documentary Short Subject


p: Beth Freeman

d: Tony Papa

pe: Aren Hansen/Tony Papa

dop: Kamel Derkaoui

m: Zenobia Salik

r: Stephane Bourgeault

Prod Co: Avanti Pictures Corporation

Contact: Tony Papa

Avanti Pictures

102 – 2339 Columbia St.

Vancouver, BC V5Y 3Y3



The Beauty Bond is a short film set to music

that explores the fusion of ancient tradition

with modern fashion. The colorful journey

reveals the vibrancy of traditions as they are

woven into modern daily life, crossing cultural

boundries and revealing what is shared

between us.

V086 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BCRA- P


Documentary Arts/Culture


p: Yvonne DuBourdieu

d: Yvonne DuBourdieu

pe: Brenda Terning

dop: Yvonne DuBourdieu

m: Matt Gossen

r: Matt Gossen

Prod Co: Arthouse Productions

Contact: Yvonne DuBourdieu

Arthouse Productions

10508 127 St.

Edmonton, AB T5N 1V9



Through the Eyes of Artists’ offers a rare and

magical glimpse into the world of a group of

artists with developmental disabilities. Over

the course of a year the film follows the feisty

collective as they struggle to overcome

personal conflict and doubt to create art that

delivers a powerful social message. But who

will listen?



Documentary Social/Political


p: Rob Bromley/Tracey Friesen

d: John Ritchie

pe: Mike Taylor

dop: Brian Beard

m: Chris Ainscough

sw: John Ritchie

Prod Co: Force Four Entertainment/NFB

Dist Co: NFB

Contact: Madeleine Bélisle


3155 Côte de Liesse

St-Laurent, QC H4N 2N4



John Ritchie takes a first-hand look at a

family’s struggle to let go, when every instinct

compels them to hang on. The film reveals

raw emotion and surprising humor, the

complexity around one man’s transition to a

more independent life.

V085 . . . . . . . . . . . . BCRA- Albert Karvonen

TILLENIUS: The Art of Nature

Documentary Biography


p: Pirkko Karvonen

d: Pirkko Karvonen/Ray Harper

pe: Ray Harper

m: Jan Randall

sw: Sandra Tober

os: Sonus Post Audio

Prod/Dist Co: Karvonen Films Ltd.

Contact: Elise Holm

Karvonen Films Ltd.

2001 91 Ave.

Edmonton, AB T6P 1L1



‘The Art of Nature’ chronicles the life of

Clarence Tillenius, an artist who overcame the

odds to live an extraordinary life studying

wildlife and translating nature into art. He

would come face to face with nature to make

his paintings come alive.



Documentary Arts/Culture


p: Katherine Knight/David Craig

d: David Craig

pe: Sue Howard

dop: David Craig

m: Walter Bryan

os: David Craig/Sue Howard

r: Robert Mellin

Contact: David Craig

105 Maria St.

Toronto, ON M6P 1W5



A snapshot of the Town of Tilting, a fishing

village on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. The

architecture and material culture

characteristic to the village has been the

subject of study for architect Robert Mellin for

almost 20 years. The village has taken up the

project of restoring and preserving its heritage

buildings for over a decade and has been

designated a provincial and federal heritage


V344 . . . . . . . . BCRA- Treehouse TV/APTN

TIPI TALES: Season 2

Children/Youth Productions


p: Kyle Irving/Lisa Meeches/Wayne


d: Lesley Oswald

ad: Ray Peterson/Sharon Johnson

pe: Doug Coolidge/Tony Wytinck

dop: Kim Bell

m: Fred Penner

sw: Nancy Trites Botkin

os: Anita Lubosch/Howard Rissen/Bob


Prod Co: Eagle Vision Inc.

Contact: Tyson Caron

Eagle Vision Inc.

509 Century St.

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0L8



‘Sugar Rush’- Russell learns to much sugar is

not good for your body. ‘Treasure Hunt’-

Junior is angry with Sam when he ruins his

treasure hunt, until Eagle teaches him that you

can’t stay mad when you love someone.





p: Anahit Falihi/Artin Lahiji

d: Artin Lahiji

ad: Anahit Falihi

pe: Artin Lahiji

dop: Artin Lahiji

m: Artin Lahiji

sw: Artin Lahiji

os: Artin Lahiji

r: Artin Lahiji

Prod/Dist Co: Atrix Digital Media Studios

Contact: Anahit Falihi/Artin Lahiji

Atrix Digital Media Studio

303-165 3rd Ave. S.

Saskatoon, SK S7K 1L8



‘Tinki’s Garden’ is an experimental film by

Artin Lahiji who photographed and

documented an installation sculpture

constructed and performed in the sculpture

studio at Ontario college of Art and Design by

Viktor Tinki, an art instructor and sculptor.

Filming of TV series “Gentle Ben”: Miami, Florida

Local call number: c671098
Personal Author: Marks.
Title: [Filming of TV series "Gentle Ben" : Miami, Florida]
Date: Photographed in June, 1967.
Physical descrip: 1 photoprint b&w 3 x 3 in.
Series Title: (Department of Commerce collection.)
General Note: Gentle Ben ran on CBS from 1967 to1969 Produced by Miami-based Ivan Tors Studios, it starred Dennis Weaver as an Everglades park ranger and his family and dealt with their relationship with an old bear named Ben.
Repository: State Library and Archives of Florida, 500 S. Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 USA. Contact: 850-245-6700. Archives@dos.state.fl.us
Persistent URL: www.floridamemory.com/items/show/83483

Photographed in June, 1967.

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