Festival Entry Rules

Entry rules

Canadian film/video makers, producers and distributors are invited to submit their original work to the 2008 Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival Inc. competition for the Golden Sheaf Awards. Canadian productions 60 minutes and under will be accepted to the National Competition. A Canadian production is defined as any production which would qualify as a certified production under the current regulations applied by the Department of Communications. All entries must have been completed in the period between February 15, 2007 and February 15, 2008 and not have been entered in a previous Golden Sheaf Awards competition. The final decision regarding interpretation of the rules and regulations including the eligibility of any production for admission into the competition will be the responsibility of the Festival.

Select only one (1) category in which to enter your production.


The Golden Sheaf Award of Excellence, will be presented to the most outstanding production of the Festival. Awards will be presented to winners in those categories which receive nominations.

If you wish your submission to also be considered for any of the following three awards, please indicate this in the appropriate line on your submission form; an additional fee of $ 10 per category applies:

Best Director (Fiction)
Presented to the director(s) of a dramatic production.

Best Director (Non Fiction)
Presented to the director(s) of a documentary or other factual production.

Research This award recognizes the contribution and role of the researcher in documentary production. It can be awarded for content/story research and/or archival stock shot research.

All entries are eligible for the following cash awards:

Best of Saskatchewan Sponsored by SASKFILM – All Saskatchewan produced entries will be eligible for a special Best of Saskatchewan Cash Award of $ 750. (Must meet Saskatchewan Point Structure).
Note: If this entry is eligible for the Best Of Saskatchewan Award, please mail two (2) copies of the tape or DVD with your submission package.

The Founder’s Award (formerly the Antoinette (Nettie) Kryski Canadian Heritage Award) – A $ 500 cash award and plaque in memory of the founding members of the Yorkton Festival, will be presented to an outstanding production exemplifying historical Canadian people or events.

The National Film Board Kathleen Shannon Award of $ 1,000 will be presented to an independent filmmaker whose production provided an opportunity for people outside the dominant culture to speak for themselves.

SCN Award of $ 500 is sponsored by SASKATCHEWAN COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK for the most outstanding Documentary POV production.

Jury Awards will be presented at the adjudicator’s discretion.


All entrants nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award will be notified immediately following the jury process and will receive a nomination certificate. Check Website for Nominations after April 14, 2008.


A qualified jury, selected by the Festival, will judge the entries. Awards may not be given in categories where, in the opinion of the jury, the entries do not merit distinction. No entrant will be allowed to attend any jury session.

Technical requirements

  1. Productions 60 minutes or under will be accepted.
  2. Videos must be on 1/2″ VHS or DVD.
  3. Productions may be colour or black and white, sound or silent.
  4. A segment of a television program which has a title, credits and is a self-contained unit will be regarded as an eligible entry.
  5. To ensure the best possible presentation of entries, there should be no commercials, commercial blacks, or commercial countdowns in the production.
  6. Entries in languages other than English must provide an English script or English subtitles.
  7. The quality of the production copy entered (sound and visual) is the responsibility of the entrant.
  8. Any portions of the script, sound track and footage that are from previously published materials must be identified.

Shipping & handling

Entries must be shipped prepaid. Entries will not be returned unless a $ 10 shipping & handling fee is included.


The Festival accepts the responsibility for the safekeeping of all productions submitted for competition which are in its care or control. The compensation for possible damage to a production will in no case be greater than the cost of making another copy in the format submitted. The Festival provides insurance for loss or damage to films or video tapes to a maximum value of $ 400 or the cost of replacement, whichever is less.

Publicity and promotion

Festival officials reserve the right to use the electronic media portions of entries accepted for competition to promote the Festival. The Festival officials reserve the right to screen the entries on local cable television within the Yorkton area and within a closed-circuit system in hotel facilities at Festival time.


A program of Golden Sheaf Award winning productions may be taken on tour following the Festival to selected Canadian centres.

Entry procedure

Entry fee is $ 75.00 per entry (GST included). Entry fee is non-refundable and must be submitted with entry form.
Special Awards: There will be a charge of $ 10.00 per category.

Entry form, fee and production must be postmarked no later than midnight February 22, 2008. Entries postmarked after this date will not be accepted. The entry fee is non-refundable. Entry fee must be submitted with entry form.

Acceptance of rules

Submission of a signed entry form for each production shall signify that the entrant agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival Inc. Once entry forms and fees are received, registration begins. Even though the production may not have been received, it is considered entered and NO REFUND WILL BE MADE.

Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival
49 Smith Street East
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada S3N 0H4
Telephone: (306) 782-7077
Fax: (306) 782-1550
E-mail: info@goldensheafawards.com

Make cheque payable to: Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival

Evelyn Cherry Memorial Bursary

At the discretion of the Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival Committee, where there is a demonstrated need, certain costs may be covered for nominees to attend the Festival.


The Festival provides an on demand screening centre called Mini-Cinema. Festival participants, distributors, specialty network representatives and buyers, as well as the general public, are invited to screen all Festival entries. Entrants are encouraged to attend the Festival to promote and sell their productions in person. Please send a ½” VHS or DVD copy of your production for use at the Mini-Cinema screening centre.

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