Hollywood And Colombian Flowers, Pink Intuition Could Be The Rose We All Come To Know Thanks To Julia Roberts

Most traditionalists believe that Valentines day, Feb.14th in the United States should include Roses, and thats great news for the Colombian Flower industry.

However, as the younger generation becomes increasingly  difficult to market to flower growers are looking at more and more innovative ways to reach the Gen Y market.  A strong example of this was this weeks gala opening of Valentines day, a film staring Julia Roberts. The film set around Valentines day and the love and loss of love created a golden marketing opportunity for the Colombian flower growers as the theme of flowers was a constant throughout the film.

Growers, like Benchmark Growers located in Miami took the lead with Colombian Land of flowers, a marketing brand of Asocolflores ( Colombian Flower exporters) joined with Warner Bros to create a floral showcase at the Premier gala in Los Angeles on Feb.08th at the famous Manns Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

The Roses, like the hundreds of Hollywood who’s who, celebrities and media created a highly visual red carpet for the thousands of fans looking for just a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. Demi Moore with hundreds of Colombian roses, Julia Roberts with a large Colombian Rose heart, all a marketing success for the Colombian and for the flower industry in general.

International marketing expert Richard Griffiths stated” This type of marketing is simple in its execution yet the impact is without measure. My role is to show the world the beauty of Colombian Roses, the scope and size of Colombian roses and really the importance of this industry to the South American Nation. I have always believed in the power of Hollywood and when given a chance to link with Hollywood it is without question a winning combination.

The press release for the event reached over 14,000,000 people below are a few elements of the press release

Fresh-cut from the Bogota Savannah, Colombian Roses lined the way as some of Hollywood´s top celebrities came out for the World Premier of Valentines Day, The Star Studded cast included among others, Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher.

As part of the program launched by Asocolflores and Ethical Trade aimed at creation of strong ties with the Hollywood film Industry, over 5,000 Colombian red roses were handed out to excited fans lining the streets of Hollywood blvd. hoping to get a glimpse of celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey, Shirley MacLean, Jessica Biel and the host of celebrity guests.

Benchmark growers proudly supported the premier with a large quantity of Pink Intuition roses, a specialty rose grown exclusively by Benchmark in Colombia, South America. The Rose, a hallmark variety of the group is distinctive due to its size, coloring and exclusivity. Marketing manager Gabriel Vega Stated, “We felt that a film honoring our most important holiday deserved one of our most unique and beautiful rose varieties”

The film directed by Frank Marshall, who is known for such hits as Pretty Women, put together a historic ensemble cast such as Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Shirley Mclean, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel and Patrick Dempsey.

Benchmark Growers created a partnership with the film premier to highlight the beauty of Colombian Roses, for the film star studded premier and after party. President of Benchmark Growers Herbert Jordan stated “We are also happy to support Hollywood, especially when they have flowers in major motion pictures. This relationship allows us to highlight specialty roses such as the Pink Intuition. We look forward to the films great commercial success, hope to see more and more of our flowers in Hollywood productions”.

The film is set for national release on Feb.12th, 2010

As the world tunes in, and turns out far to much information for one to really capture its nice to see the stars with golden smiles like Julia Roberts can make people see the world and products in a different light. Will more pink intuition roses sell this year for Valentines day, who knows, but one thing is for sure, the Rose was given star power last week, and time will tell if this reflects to the consumer

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