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by vancouverfilmschool

Promotional tools are necessary to attract film enthusiast to watch your college short film. These tools also give your short film the chance to be recognized by short film festivals. Aside from tarpaulins, posters are also the effective tools to use in promoting your short film, because posters have the ability to communicate your information and offer great visual to your audience. If utilized properly, your posters can give your short film the attention it deserves.

•    Organize your information. Decide on the information that you want to include on your posters, so you will know where to place them. You should also know what information should come first. Knowing where the information should be placed will make it easier for you to come up with an organized over-all presentation of your posters. Try to make posters online by uploading your texts and graphics. You can also check poster templates online and get inspiration from the layouts.

•    Use legible text. Remember that your posters must be readable even from a distance, so always use readable and simple fonts. But if you have to use weird fonts for art’s sake, then make sure that the size and font color will make the texts legible.

•    Decide on the location of your posters. Look for high traffic areas in your school to make sure that the posters will get noticed. Your efforts will be put to waste if your posters are not noticeable by your audience.

•    Choose the right images. Your images should have the power to tell a story to catch your audience’s attention. Remember that the images on your poster are the first thing that your audience notices, so see to it that the images you use are powerful and eye-catching.

•    Avoid clutter. Never go overboard in designing your poster, because too many texts and images can confuse your audience. Just keep your message simple and your images limited.

•    Use harmonious colors. Be careful in combining colors, because wrong color combination can distract your audience. The appearance of your texts and visuals should also be clear and vibrant, so it is best to have your posters printed by a reputable online printer that is an expert on color prints. With their expertise in full-color printing, you can be confident that your posters will be effective promotional tools for your college short film.

This a short film from Neill Blomkamp, which the movie District 9 is based off of. Neill Blomkamp was originally set to produce the halo movie, which is now on hold indenfinitely.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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