Promoting Your Business With Short Film

by Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso)

Promoting Your Business With Short Film

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Promoting Your Business With Short Film

By: kerst sasnett
Posted: Dec 23, 2010

By now, you find yourself knee-deep in the network marketing world. Muddling through the debris, hoping to take your product to the next level. Whatever your product is, whatever it might do, you need to figure a way to sell more, attract more leads, and make new contacts. You certainly would rather like to have interested buyers who discovered your product, than you being interested in forcing the product on friends and family members.

My first point of advice for you, the Marketeer? Examine your product. If you’ve bought into one of those internet marketing scams where the thing you are buying is the same thing your selling, I urge you to cancel your membership immediately. Your either not going to make money from it, or your going to make money from other people who aren’t going to make money from it.

I would also advise you to bifurcate your business strategy; and have separate ads for recruiting and for actual product sales. If you are drawing a question mark as to what your business sells, you should immediately quit, and try to get a refund. But if you are in one of the few MLM businesses that sells a quality product, bifurcate your advertisements. Have three sales advertisements in circulation for every one recruitment advertisement. Even if you would rather focus on a recruitment strategy; you should be able to point to a line of at least modestly successful sales. And if you can’t do that, then you’ve bought into a failing business.

Lastly, if your looking at this to market and sell your own product or service business of your own creation, I commend you. Your efforts will be hard, and you have a lot of hard-work ahead of you. However, statistics show that your success figures will be small, and many of you will fail. Do not be disheartened, continue, and learn from the process.

Okay, onto short film.

Imagine if the video you are about the upload to YouTube is a commercial. That’s what it is, however, it isn’t syndicated and isn’t guaranteed to gain an audience just because your talking about a product. In fact, if all you have to offer is a video of yourself opening envelopes full of cash, your only likely to generate sales from people dumber than you are.

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So, the first issue. Like anything else on the web, content is King. You need to develop a video that exists past the advertisement. In fact the whole program should be able to come to life on its own. The commercial aspect can be interjected afterward. So even though it might not seem likely, you might even have dreams of a future for your project, even though it was originally conceived to promote your business.

What kind of content do you need? Relate it to your product firstly. If you have a travel website, maybe take trips to local area tourist attractions, and take quality photographs and video of the site. If you sell comic books on Amazon, maybe interview and document new comics coming out. You’ll find a lot of business owners around you are willing to work with you, simply because of the publicity.

After you drum up your idea, you need to set your budget. While it is possible to make a good short film on less than , remember that the end result, your production, will reflect your budget. The content and its attractiveness to consumers will reflect your budget as well. And if anything, if you’ve got a business entity, you can rightfully claim the expense as a tax credit.

After this is shooting. I won’t cover that here, I would recommend you seek out someone who is well-versed in producing and editing short film, hire them, and create your film.

After you’ve created your movie, now you need to market it.

I cannot stress the importance of your initial release day. This will help add some viral capability to your film. You should be talking about it and discussing it in Blogs that are associated with the film. You could even start a blog dedicated to the production of the project itself. This makes for a great showing, or should, if you market your blog right.

Also on the opening day of your production, utilize social marketing. As many people as you would think might be interested in the production. And hopefully, being friends of yours, they will take the time to tell a friend or two.

After that, you should go about traditional marketing techniques. Articles like this, hyperlinking and forming contacts with people who have sites related to your content. It shouldn’t take very long at all for you to get some notice to the project, and a percentage of those will be interested in the product your interested in marketing.

And very quickly, your film will be a useful tool in marke

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