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A Documentary film is a great way of exploiting cinema’s potential for observing life. It is a visual expression that strives to document reality. It is also often regarded as a filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception. A good short documentary film in the form of a multimedia presentation can leave the most powerful impact on the viewer’s mind. With time, documentary films have evolved from being short movies shot on film news, to include video and digital productions made for a television or video series. Some of the media and visual solutions companies produce quality driven creative media tools in the form of films and multimedia.

Today there are a number of companies offering customized short documentary films online. They combine the visual power of video and film with music, animation and special effects to produce exceptional short documentary films, videos and presentations that inform and motivate the target audience by creating the desired impact. They offer services including video editing, documentary short film maker, film studios, ad film maker, editing film, video shooting, video recording, recording service-sound studio, TV, programme producers, etc. They operate as one-stop shop for documentary, created especially for people interested in the process of documentary filmmaking. These websites offer a wide range of networking, information and advice for people involved in documentary filmmaking. They provide audio visuals in a variety of forms, including corporate films, multimedia CD presentation and other online and offline media.

These companies provided end to end solutions in making short films and documentaries, from sketching an outline out of an idea to directing the film. They offer complete animated features including animation and special effect services supported by advanced technologies and animation softwares. This helps customers to better promote themselves as brands thus resulting in creating greater business opportunities and increase sales. These Multi-Media Production houses have a dedicated team of qualified, talented and experienced professionals, with expertise in ad films, corporate films, documentary films, jingles, animations and multi-media presentations. They also carry royalty free music and buyout music which is ideal for usage as background music for video, short documentary, television and film production. These expert personnel help in the production of documentary films, docu-drama , spot advertisement films, etc., both in film and digital media with script, direction, titling, editing, dubbing and presentation accomplished in the most professional perfection and artistic manner.

These companies can help you to produce documentary films on a number of topics ranging from, a social cause to a politics based short story, human relationships, natural habitat, sports, economics, history of nations and many more. They can help in addressing issues such as relationships, drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, self-respect and violence by writing, shooting and editing short films. They even feature short documentary films on current affairs and in real situations.

Many of these companies offer courses in short documentary film making. They provide training to people in all aspect of documentary film making including, video production process, script writing, editing and shooting short documentary films. They also provide the students access to professional grade cameras, sound equipment and production studios, which is required in the making of a short documentary film. They also provide the students with the opportunity to participate as production interns in the company.

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