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Home Page > Travel > Destinations > THE JOURNEY OF NAPA VALLEY WINE COUNTRY:

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By: Shijina
Posted: Sep 09, 2009

Napa Valley is well known for its prominent wineries. Honestly, the wine industry is a covers the large part of California which definitely holds its own amongst wine industry greatest of the world. Napa Valley is located in northern California and rules the California wine tours industry.

Both Beauty and brains get together here in Napa Valley as image perfect vistas join with panoramic mosaic of gently sloping hills to add a warm feel to a well designed region of California. The planners had forethought which has provided its residents for generations and still provide itself to an air of perfect order. California wine tours in Napa Valley are evidence to a regional order long forgotten.

Napa Valley is identified as the most beautiful and productive valley which is located at an expanse of one hour to the north San Francisco. The Napa Valley area is the supreme appeal of Northern California. It is not just attractive, but it is identified as the home of Premier wineries.

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The scenery of this region and the climatic conditions combine in a convention of ambiance to make Napa Valley one of the most idyllic locations on the earth for growing wine grapes. The quality of soil here is perfect for growing the grapes that line up the orchards here where you will locate some of the best wineries in the world.

Wine tours in Napa Valley present many diverse services. Schedule your itinerary accordingly as there is numerous wineries to observe within a restricted time frame. It would take minimum of a month, if we think of stopping at every winery to see all amazing region offered by them.

While planning a Napa Valley wine tour, you can select to take part in a range of activities like amalgamation seminars and sensory dynamics of food where they take you through your appetite and how it respond to wine and wine in food. To achieve girth of knowledge and informative discussion into the dynamics of wine and food pairings, attend the entertaining classes that will provide you with all this information. You need not be a qualified wine enthusiast to benefit from the above such offerings.

Both the Wine enthusiasts and others can have the advantage of entertainment and wine education while experiencing their Napa Valley California wine tour. You will be visiting vineyards and wineries, observe the real production of the wine and enjoy the well local restaurants organized by proficient chefs that blend ingredients in the meals to match the different taste of the wines offered to you. This tour includes ride in hot air balloons, rounds of golf, visiting the spas, participating in private cooking lessons, and go on limo wine tours.

Shijina – About the Author:

Shijina is a SEO copywriter for She has written various articles on California wine country tours, Napa Valley Wine Tours, Napa Wine Tours and Wine Country Sightseeing Tours for more
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