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The tamil movie Endhiran, which got rave reviews from critics around the world, is not a remake of Super Star Upendra Kannada film’s Hollywood. Previously it was rumored that it was a remake of the Kannada film. Although it is claimed that Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Bachchan rigid film is totally an original creation of the renowned director Shankar, one can not deny the fact that some of the striking similarities between the two films. Below are some of the similarities and differences between the two films.

In Hollywood Upendra played three roles, ie two people and a robot, while in Endhiran Rajini appears in two get ups like scientists and an android. A monkey plays a central role in Hollywood, and it goes, secrets and hidden agendas of the people and conveys the information to the Android. Where, as a mosquito plays the same role in Rajini film to the same job as monkey in Hollywood.

The robots in the two films are created to serve two different purposes of man. In Hollywood, Surendra (Upendra) in love with Manisha (Felicity Mason), but he is very shy and timid, she hesitates to express his love. To impress her, he seeks the help of his maverick scientist Professor (Ananth Nag), who creates his look-alike robots. While in Endhiran, Vaseekaran (Rajinikanth) itself is a scientist. Ignore his beloved Sana (Aishwarya Bachchan), he fought for five years for a humanoid robot that can be used in the Indian army, create to serve the society.

Humanoid robot in the two films have several qualities. You could understand the verbal commands and can act accordingly, like any other human being. They could dance, fight to understand several languages and have good memory. But in Endhiran Robot has tremendous qualities and is more powerful than those in Hollywood.

In Hollywood, the increase is Surendra’s scientists clone robots to think on his ability to act and how to win people to Manisha emotional. He gives the clone, the robot called U.S. 47 with a human discretion and emotion. In Endhiran, vase and upgrades, the robot called Chitti by including emotions such as anger, sorrow, love, kiss, to the robot by his professor (Danny Denzongpa) refused permission when the robot has no emotions, and it might even kill his own officers of the army.

With its Android strength and human intelligence, the robot U.S. 47 in Hollywood proves to be formidable enemy to his own creator and his followers. The robot developed love for Manisha and it goes out independently functioning programs at their own risk and it turns human society. In Endhiran vase destroyed the robot and dumped in the rubbish bin, if it is against his will. Chitti rise from waste and caused more destruction. Finally, the robot sacrificed his life for Surendra Chitti removed while in vase and places it in the display case, if it turns dangerous for society.

However, both Endhiran and Hollywood science fiction movie. But you can not stop using diffracted from the kind of technology in Endhiran. The graphic work used in the field of Endhiran Hollywood film industry. The robot in this film is a Spiderman Superman Terminator Godzilla. It is more powerful than all these beings. It can slide on the rails that run horizontally on a moving train, transformation in Anaconda can swallow even helicopters and fire at people with his fingers, without using a gun.

Finally, one can say that in spite of similar properties, not Endhiran is a remake of Kannada film Hollywood. The film has a different theme, story and characters. In addition, it has sound technology used in Hollywood movies. Beware of Shankar and Rajinikanth for producing such a brilliant film, making proudly South Indians on the national and international level.

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